Cheap Flights To Kilimanjaro (Or) How To Get To Kilimanjaro!

Finding cheap flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport is not an easy task because not many airlines fly to JRO, the IATA code for Kilimanjaro Airport. In this short article we’ve outlined how

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85-Year-Old Great Grandma Destined To Become The Oldest Woman To Climb Kilimanjaro

  • July 7, 2015

Early on Sunday July 5 2015, Arizona great-grandmother, Anne Lorimor, embarked upon her bid to become the oldest woman to climb Tanzania’s Mount Kilimnajaro (19,341 feet). She declared that she

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10 Year Old From The UK Summits Kilimanjaro

A few weeks back we featured Sam Irving, a 10-year old UK boy who planned to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. We have just received word from his mum that Sam successful made it to the top. Here’s the scoop! Sam

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At 10 Years Old, He Might Not Be The Youngest Person To Climb Kilimanjaro, But He’s Still Pretty Cool

10-year-old Sam Irving of Claygate in Surrey hopes to become one of the youngest people ever to climb the 19,341 feet of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise £25,000 for the Haller Foundation, which boosts the

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Drone Ascends Kilimanjaro

A quadcopter, a drone with four rotor blades, has made it just shy of the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. The quadcopter was specially built by Cheetah Air to record the progress of a team that climbed the

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Tanzania Blogs And Other Websites We Love And Recommend

Over and beyond Mount Kilimanjaro there is so much to see and do in Tanzania and across the whole of East Africa – way too much for us to cover on our website. We have therefore put together a list

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Inner City Teenagers Receive A Blessing On Kilimanjaro

  • April 14, 2015

Some of Trevor Stokes’ students had never ventured beyond Vancouver, never mind British Columbia. The teacher changed that when he took 15 of his charges to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. He

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Just Popping Out With Granny To Climb Kili For Charity

  • March 24, 2015

Oscar Hopkins, his mother, Jae, and his grandmother, Sheila Miller, recently announced that they would climb Kilimanjaro for charity. Oscar will be thirteen years old, Jae will be 43 and Sheila will be

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The First Ever BASE Jump From Mount Kilimanjaro

  • February 22, 2015

BASE jumping is jumping from a building, antenna, span (ie a bridge) or earth (ie a cliff) – an extreme sport. 248 people have died in this manner since 1981. 50-year-old Valery Rozov, a Russian, was

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Norma Brewer’s Fake Kilimanjaro Obituary Tricks The Media

  • February 16, 2015

A wheelchair-bound grandmother got the last laugh when she penned her own obituary, which announced that she had died climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. 83-year-old Norma Brewer of Fairfield, Connecticut actually

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Wheelchair-Bound Paraplegic, Shaun Gash, Sets His Sights On Kilimanjaro

  • February 2, 2015

This week, wheelchair-bound paraplegic, Shaun Gash, shares his incredible plans to climb Kilimanjaro. Enter Shaun! My name is Shaun. I live in Lancaster in the UK and I am a wheelchair-bound paraplegic

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“Iceman” And His Group Climbs Kilimanjaro In Record Time

On January 15, 55-year-old Wim Hof from Sittard in the Netherlands and his group of 18 amateur trekkers clocked up a Guinness World Record by ascending all 19,341 feet of Mount Kilimanjaro in a record

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85-Year-Old Is The Oldest Person To Climb Kilimanjaro

85-year-olds might be bed-ridden, awaiting death. At best they could play with their grandchildren and perhaps even manage some gardening. Dr Robert J Wheeler, then aged 85 years and 201 days, did somewhat

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Kilimanjaro Visa’s, Vaccinations, Malaria And Medications

“When you got a condition, it’s bad to forget your medicine.” ― Frank Miller A lot of preparation work is required before you depart on your epic Kilimanjaro adventure. In this short article we

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Best Hotels In Arusha – Where To Stay On Your Kili Trek & Safari

  • December 5, 2014

Arusha is a popular tourist town in Northern Tanzania. It is located just below Mount Meru and 1.5-2 hours South-West of Kilimanjaro National Park, which makes it a popular base town for trekkers.Serengeti

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