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Mount Kilimanjaro: Trekkers Guide To The Summit


Mount Kilimanjaro: Trekkers Guide to the Summit is a practical and insightful Kilimanjaro guidebook that has been used by 1000s of climbers as an authoritative resource to prepare for Mount Kilimanjaro.

The eBook version is available for download on this site for £5.99, or if you have an Amazon Kindle you can download the book here

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What Information Is In The Guide?

Eleven jam-packed chapters, as follows

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Tanzania: Discover fascinating facts about Tanzania’s tumultuous history, it’s diverse cultures and incredible fauna and flora

Chapter 3 – Mount Kilimanjaro: Get a real sense of  the environment in which you will be trekking. This chapter covers Kilimanjaro’s incredible volcanic geography, it’s climatic zones and the impact of climate change on it’s snow-capped peaks

Chapter 4 – Kilimanjaro Routes: Undecided on which route to take? Fret not! This chapter provides detailed daily itineraries, route maps, altitude and distance profiles and pros and cons on all 7 Kilimanjaro routes. Half the battle is knowing what awaits you!

Chapter 5 – Visas, Vaccinations and Medications: There are many administrative tasks that you will need to get sorted before departing for Tanzania – from visas to vaccinations (for yellow fever) and medications (for malaria) – this chapter covers it all

Chapter 6 – Fitness and Nutrition: Having the right physical and mental fitness for Kilimanjaro is key to a successful summit. Here are my secrets for optimal fitness and nutrition

Chapter 7 – Equipment and kit list: There is nothing worse than arriving in Kilimanjaro with missing gear or the wrong equipment for the job. This chapter provides kit recommendations and a detailed checklist so that you can rest assured you have all required equipment before departure

Chapter 8 – Acclimatization and Acute Mountain Sickness: Trekking to high altitude comes with some very serious risks to your health and safety. Failing to properly understand those risks can spell disaster. This chapter is a must-read for any Kilimanjaro trekker and includes proven methods to increase your chances of reaching the summit

Chapter 9 – Guides and Porters: Your trekking support team are your greatest asset. This chapter explains how your team will be structured, provides top Swahili phrases you should learn and gives detailed guidance on tipping standards

Chapter 10 – Kilimanjaro Facts: Trekking Kilimanjaro is a long and arduous hike. Dropping in some of these interesting Kilimanjaro facts as you sojourn the slopes of Kibo will impress trekking companions to no end

Chapter 11 – Recommended Kilimanjaro Books: Do you like to immerse myself in relevant literature before going to a new country or undertaking a big adventure? Here are 10 recommended books that will get you ready and fired up for your Kilimanjaro trek


What Trekkers Say About The Kilimanjaro Guide?

 Testimonials from successful climbers have been awesome, and I’m forever surprised by the impact the guide has had on people’s journey up Mount Kilimanjaro!

This guide is an incredible resource. Brilliantly laid out, straightforward to use, and jam-packed with useful information. A must read for any would-be climber. Thanks for your help!

George Thomas United Kingdom

Every page in the book is covered with useful and inspiring nuggets of wisdom. The detailed route itinerary came in handy as did all the info on acclimatization. I can’t recommend the guide enough. Trust me, just get it!

Erika Loseman United States of America


How Can You Get The Kilimanjaro Guide?

For a small investment of £5.99 in your safety and preparation for success, download the eBook or get the Kindle version. You will get immediate access!


We use GumRoad to manage payments as it is extremely secure.

You will be provided with a download link directly after payment and can immediately immerse yourself in everything you need to know to get to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

If at any point you are unsatisfied we offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.



If your question isn’t answered below feel free to leave a comment below.


Will buying the guide guarantee that I get to the top of Kilimanjaro?

No. There is no guarantee that you will reach Kilimanjaro’s summit. However, we know for sure that the more prepared you are the higher the probability of success will be

Which route do you recommend I take?

Each route has its own pros and cons. If you are hiking during the rainy season you might want to consider the drier Rongai Route. If you like a little more comfort you should do the Marangu Route where you sleep in huts instead of tents. The guide provides a complete overview on all 7 routes on Kilimanjaro, including distance and altitude maps for each route, pros and cons on each route, and day by day explanations of the camps you will be trekking to on each route. Reading this Chapter of the guide will allow you to make a really well-informed decision on which route is best for you

How can I prepare for Acute Mountain Sickness?

Acute Mountain Sickness affects people in different ways. If you have never been to high / extreme altitude it is nearly impossible to predict how your body will respond. There are some key principles that you should follow whilst on the mountain to mitigate the affects of AMS. In particular it is important that you don’t go too high too fast. Remaining hydrated and going slowly is key. In the guide you will find everything you need to know about acclimatization and Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), including the 4 things you can do to mitigate the risk of AMS, the symptoms to look out for in mild, moderate and severe AMS, a full overview on High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE), and guidelines on medications you can use to properly acclimatize

Does the guide include a kit list?

Yes, the guide includes detailed information on all the kit you will need on the mountain as well as non-kit items such as visas, vaccinations, tipping money, medications, gadgets and other nice to haves

Should I get the guide before or after I have booked my climb?

This is really up to you. The earlier you start preparing the better. The guide provides lots of information that can help you make an informed decision on when to climb and what route to use. Getting this information before you book your tour is beneficial

Is climbing Kilimanjaro safe?

Putting your body at extreme altitude comes with obvious risks. It is important that you understand these risks so that you can have a safe and fun experience on Mount Kilimanjaro. We would not suggest climbing Kilimanjaro without understanding the risks associated with extreme altitude.


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Milla says February 12, 2014

Really useful guide, super informative and inspiring!

I’m feeling all set and ready for my climb now!

Thanks Mark!

    Mark Whitman says February 12, 2014

    Thanks Milla, feel free to drop me a line if you have any last minute questions before your trek. Mark

Alain Marroncles says April 12, 2014

We were really looking forward for that kind of guide to help us to prepare our Kili trip. We’ ve got all the requested information on it even more than expected…GREAT !! Thanks Mark !!

    Mark Whitman says April 13, 2014

    Glad that it has proved helpful, Alain! All the best for now, Mark

Adele Mullen says July 15, 2014

Can’t recommend highly enough, great book! Packed full of useful info and details, well set out and all the various topics are easily accessible. This has been invaluable in planning my climb. 10/10.

    Mark Whitman says July 16, 2014

    Thanks for your lovely comment. So glad I could help!

wilsonick says July 23, 2014

Dear Mark Whitman l hope and l m feel happy for your comments which concerned about trecking kilimanjaro mountain cause l feel glading when l see people who appropriate to climb kilo because is the mountain of home. Thanks

angela stewart says August 29, 2014

am looking at climbing mt kilimanjaro with my partner on/around 2nd july 2015
machame route 7/8 route appeals
could you please advise and send quote

    Mark Whitman says August 29, 2014

    Hi Angela,
    Thanks for getting in touch through my enquiry page – I have sent you a detailed recommendation by email.
    All the best,

Brittany says July 17, 2015

I want to buy the Mount Kilimanjaro: Trekkers Guide to the Summit… but I want a physical copy not an online version.. is this possible?


    Mark Whitman says July 18, 2015

    Hi Brittany, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately there is only a Kindle version or eBook. Links are above for both. We might introduce a hard copy in the future. All the best!

Saira says May 27, 2016

Hi, I live in Tz want to buy your guide, tried on line with my credit card keeps asking Me for the zip code can’t proceed without it. Please let me know where in dar can I purchase your book.

Thank you

Louisa Mcewan says July 31, 2016

I would like to buy the book rather than a download, is that possible?

Perhaps you could let me know

Thank you

Louisa Mcewan

    Mark Whitman says August 1, 2016

    Hi Louisa, Thanks for your interest in the book. Unfortunately it is only sold in electronic format, either as a pdf download or as a Amazon Kindle reader. Hope one of these two works for you. Best regards!

Teresa Wingate says May 10, 2017

I don’t own a kindle, so I how can I get the guide?

    Mark Whitman says May 10, 2017

    Hi Teresa, you can download the guide from Gumroad:

Jacobo Garcia Sánchez says August 23, 2017

Buenas tardes.
Quiero comprar la guía pero necesito saber si está escrita en castellano.
Gracias, un saludo.

    Mark Whitman says August 23, 2017

    Hi Jacob, unfortunately it is not available in Spanish. Sorry…

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