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15 Best Hotels in Moshi – Kilimanjaro Accommodation Options

Mark Whitman

Moshi is a small Tanzanian town which sits due south of Kilimanjaro National Park, in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Moshi has just under 200,000 inhabitants, many of which are from the Chagga and Pare ethnic groups. According to a UN-Habitat study, Moshi is the cleanest town in Tanzania.

Due to Moshi’s close proximity to Kilimanjaro, many trekkers like myself and my friends often use the town as our base for rest and recuperation before and after hiking the mountain. In fact, more often than not, my favourite Tanzania tour operators usually include a night in a Moshi hotel before and after my Kilimanjaro treks. And I must say, each stay I've had in Moshi has been the epitome of comfort and relaxation. 

If you are planning to travel to Tanzania and book your climbing experience separately, then this article will help you find the best hotels in Moshi. See more in our guide on hotels close to Mount Kilimanjaro


Moshi is about 30 km (19 mi) from Kilimanjaro National Park, an excellent starting point for a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Best Hotels In Moshi

In this article, I will outline the Best Hotels in Moshi for treks up Mount Kilimanjaro, ranging from exquisitely luxurious accommodation to budget-friendly accommodation. If you have any questions about the hotels that I've reviewed in this article, see more information at the bottom to find out how to make yourself heard. 

Let's crack on.

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Best Hotels in Moshi for Luxury

Kaliwa Lodge

By far the best hotel in Moshi. Run by a German proprietor, the service is excellent, the rooms clean and very comfortable and the food is very tasty. The views of Kilimanjaro from the terrace are amazing. Kaliwa Lodge provides an unforgettable stay in Moshi.

Costs: Room prices with breakfast included range from $80 for a single to $160 for a double.

Ideal for: Travellers looking for comfort, great service and incredible photographic views of Kilimanjaro.

Main selling factor: Beautiful setting near Machame gate, very quiet as it is set away from Moshi town, amazing views of the forest and Mount Kilimanjaro from the terrace. All-round nice little touches.

See more Kaliwa Lodge customer reviews. 

Best Hotels in Moshi for Comfort

Parkview Inn Moshi

A very respectable hotel, on par with a standard low-medium priced Western hotel. Conveniently located in Moshi Town, but offers its guests peace and quiet. Great service and fantastic view of Mount Kilimanjaro from the rooftop, where guests can relax and have drinks!

Costs: Room prices with breakfast included range from $80 for a standard twin or double to $130 for an deluxe double.

Ideal for: The average traveller who is accustomed to Western standards. Great for families.

Main selling factor: Nice swimming pool. Western standard hotel with good breakfast. Friendly and professional service. Wifi in public areas.

See more Parkview Inn customer reviews. 

Chanya Lodge

Located a little way outside of Moshi, the Chanya Lodge provides excellent value for the discerning traveller. Clean rooms, great food and a lovely poolside bar.

Costs: The room price for a double with breakfast starts at around $100.

Ideal for: Anyone looking for a good hotel and isn’t too bothered if they are located just outside the town (only needs a short taxi ride).

Main selling factor: Nice swimming pool and bar area. Wifi available in public areas (connectivity in Tanzania is generally quite poor).

See more Chanya Lodge customer reviews. 

Other Good Comfort Options

  • Keys Hotel Moshi: Popular trekking hotel. Has basic amenities, but nice décor and a pleasant stay overall. ~$60-$80 a night
  • Dual Mountain View Lodge: As the name suggests, expect great views! ~$70-$80 a night
  • Nyumbani Hotel: Located in central Moshi. Has clean and comfortable rooms and suites. ~$80-$90 a night
  • The Secret Garden Hotel: A popular mid-range hotel in urban Moshi. Offers affordable rates and delicious cuisine! ~$40-$110 a night
  • Springlands Hotel: Another popular trekkers hotel and a very pleasant stay! ~$100-$120 a night
  • San Salinero Hotel: A little pricey compared to alternatives, but it has nice lodges and a great pool area. ~$120-$150 a night

Best Hotels in Moshi for Tourists on a Budget

Osy Grand Hotel

Okay, ‘Grand’ is a little optimistic! This hotel is very basic, but well located in Moshi town and affordable for the location.

Costs: Room prices with breakfast included range from $35 for a standard twin to $55 for an executive double.

Ideal for: If you are not too picky and used to travelling on a budget in Africa or Asia, then this hotel will be fine for you.

Main selling factor: Good location in a pretty safe part of Moshi. Friendly staff and affordable rates.

Drawbacks: Cash only. No elevator, so if you are on the higher floors, it’s a bit of a trek! The hotel's décor is not for everyone. 

Other Budget Options

  • Rafiki Backpackers: A great little hostel on the outskirts of Moshi with 6 rooms. From $20 a night for a single room to $12 per night for a dorm room.
  • The Hibiscus Bed and Breakfast: Basic but super cheap accommodation. ~$30 a night
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris Lodge: Central location in Moshi and cheap. ~$40-$50 a night
  • Leopard Hotel: Very central and basic, but has pretty good rates and amenities. ~$60 a night

See more on the Best Hotels in Arusha for combined Kilimanjaro hikes and Tanzania safari tours. 


And that's a wrap on the Best Hotels in Moshi! I hope this article helps you plan an epic Kilimanjaro climbing trip with a relaxing descent into idyllic Moshi.

Please Note: If you still have questions about hotels in Moshi or any general Kilimanjaro accommodation questions, please leave a comment below. Alternatively, if you have stayed at one of these hotels and would like to leave a review, do so by also adding a comment below. Finally, if you feel another hotel should be included in our list, please feel free to make a suggestion in the comments. Thanks!

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