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15+ Best Tanzania Safari Companies – For Every Safari Holiday

Alison Macallister

Planning your own safari can be time-consuming and stressful and it's difficult to know which are the Best Tanzania Safari Companies. A quick internet search will bring up hundreds of operators that all promise you the holiday of your dreams. So, how do you know whom to trust?

Over the years, I've discovered some of the highest-rated and most trusted international and local safari companies in Tanzania during my East African travels and wildlife conservation work. 

In this article, I will review the Best Tanzania Safari Companies in greater detail and give you a better sense of which safari company pairs well with specific safaris.

Let's get started. 


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Best Tanzania Safari Companies FAQs

Each safari company listed in this article has a good reputation and experience in helping you plan different types of safaris.

Now, let's discuss how you should go about choosing the Best Tanzania Safari Companies for your travel wants and needs.

How do I choose the Best Tanzania Safari Company?

An excellent question. I recommend that you choose the best Tanzania Safari Company according to three key criteria: 

  • Read reviews about safari companies (the higher, the better).
  • Check the safari company's website.
  • Select a safari company based on style and your budget.

Read reviews

When deciding on a safari company, it is important that you choose an operator with good, recent reviews and high ratings on platforms such as TripAdvisor and TrustPilot.

Check the Company’s Website

Good travel companies usually have awards and acclimations displayed on their website. Also, find out how long they have been operating. The best way to check your local operator is to ask them how they accept payment.

Many local companies cannot accept payments other than via Western Union or cash on arrival. This doesn’t mean you have to be suspicious, but I’d recommend finding a company you can pay online instead.

On the other hand, many international companies have easy purchase frills, but might be coming with hefty price tags.

Select Based on Style and Budget

Each safari company specialises in a different type of trip, so be sure to compare Tanzanian safari prices and itineraries. You can also compare accommodation quotes with online lodge rates to see if you are getting a fair deal.

Which are the Best Tanzania Safari Companies?

I'm so glad you asked. Overall, these are the 5 Best Tanzania Safari Companies based on their longstanding reputations as award-winners in the travel industry, with affordable tour packages and the highest customer ratings: 

  • Roy Safaris
  • Gosheni Safaris
  • Nomad Tanzania
  • Yellow Zebra Safaris
  • National Geographic Expeditions

All of the Best Tanzania Safari Companies mentioned in this article are categorised into the following types of safaris below: group, private luxury, adventure, families, and conservation-focused.  

Which are the Best Tanzania Safari Companies for Group Safaris?

Altezza Travel, Roy Safaris, Suricata Safaris, Meru Slopes, and G-Adventures are the Best Tanzania Safari Companies for group safaris. They offer small to medium group safaris which are budget-friendly and have fixed itineraries including popular national parks and attractions in Tanzania. 


1. Altezza Travel

Specialists in mountain climbing, safari and beach holidays, Altezza’s operations offices are based near Mount Kilimanjaro, so they are always close on hand to offer assistance. Altezza has its own vehicle fleet, two hotels and professional guides that undergo regular development courses.


2. Roy Safaris

Roy Safaris has 25 years in the travel industry and an impressive 70% of clients return or come from referrals. Their safari tours are aimed at small groups, also offering tailor-made packages, including photographic safaris. 


3. Suricata Safaris

Relatively new to the safari game, Suricata Safaris was started in 2016 but has hundreds of rave reviews for their knowledgeable and friendly guides and good food on camping trips. You can choose between 3-7 day camping or lodge safaris.

Meru Slopes Tours and Safaris

4. Meru Slopes Tours and Safaris

A local company based in Arusha, Meru Slopes specialises in the budget to mid-range safaris as well as mountain climbing, trekking and beach holidays. A lot of focus is on cultural experiences and supporting local communities.


 5. G-Adventures

As world leaders in small group travel, G-Adventures has finely tuned and well-tested itineraries led by expert teams. They offer multiple tour options across Tanzania’s national parks and Zanzibar from 6-15 days.


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Which are the Best Tanzania Safari Companies for Private And Luxury Safaris?

Gosheni Safaris, Micato Safaris and Lion King Adventures are the Best Tanzania Safari Companies for private and luxury safaris. If you prefer more flexibility and exclusivity, these safari companies offer private safaris that allow you to custom-design your own experience. These three safari companies help you plan your dream holiday down to the finest detail.

Gosheni Safaris

1. Gosheni Safaris

One of the top locally owned tour companies, Gosheni has its own fleet of vehicles, drivers and guides who undergo regular training. Gosheni has received the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence from 2015-2017 and prides itself on staying ahead of the trend in tailor-made safari experiences.

Micato Safaris

2. Micato Safaris

Micato Safaris is family run with insightful Kenyan owners and round-the-clock support to clients. Their incredible attention to detail is why they have been named #1 Best Safari Outfitters by Travel & Leisure Magazine nine timesThey are best known for selecting decadent luxury lodges and their tips-included policy.


3. Lion King Adventures

A family-owned safari company in ArushaLion King Adventures specialises in custom made safaris. Their small team of professional guides and travel advisors offer expert insights into your safari experience and a more personalised trip from start to finish.

Which are the Best Tanzania Safari Companies For Adventure or Off-The-Beaten Track Safaris?

Nomad Tanzania, Shadows of Africa and Expert Africa are the Best Tanzania Safari Companies for adventure safaris or safaris off the beaten track. Most safari routes are around Northern Tanzania, heading to the popular parks and attractions. However, these three safari companies offer return travellers to the region new adventures into lesser-known areas of the country.


1. Nomad Tanzania

Nomad Tanzania has 14 of its own exclusive camps across Tanzania. Luxury Safari packages include fly-in safaris to the remote Ruaha and Katavi National Park as well as Mahale Mountains to see chimpanzees. Nomad is dedicated to sustainable tourism through conservation and community projects.


2. Shadows of Africa

Tanzania Travel Award winner and one of the top safari outfitters, Shadows of Africa focuses on group and private safaris at competitive prices. Packages include a 9 day Tanzania Adventure safari with a daily dose of outdoor activities in the form of walking, horse-riding, cycling and kayaking.


3. Expert Africa

Established in 1994, Expert Africa is known for its carefully curated safaris in the less-visited Southern Tanzania national parks and chimpanzee trekking adventures in Gombe and Mahale Mountains parks. The company prides itself on discovering new lodges and hidden gems. 

Which are the Best Tanzania Safari Companies for Family Safaris?

Easy Travel, Yellow Zebra and Rothschild are the Best Tanzania Safari Companies for family-oriented safaris. These companies have special packages with family-friendly accommodation and itineraries to keep the whole family entertained.


1. Easy Travel and Tours

A Tanzanian safari company with a reputation for sustainable travel and personalised service. Easy Travel has been awarded Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for four years running. The company focuses on creating unforgettable environmental and cultural experiences. Their well priced mid-range safaris include family-style options.


2. Yellow Zebra Safaris

Receiving the World Travel Awards Winner as Europe’s leading safari tour operator for six years running, this company offers in-depth expertise as their safaris are designed by professional guides and lodge managers. Yellow Zebra curates special family packages by selecting child-friendly lodges and special family itineraries.

Rothschild Safaris

3. Rothschild Safaris

Boasting over 30 years of experience and multiple awards in the business of private travel, Rothschild Safaris strives to source expert guides and eco-friendly accommodation. They offer a range of Family Safaris to East Africa and support local conservation and community projects.


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Which are the Best Tanzania Safari Companies for Conservation-Focused Safaris?

Overall, National Geographic Expeditions and Natural Habitat Adventures are the Best Tanzania Safari Companies for conservation-focused safaris. These safari companies offer exclusive safaris that include learning about conservation from local experts and through interactive experiences. In other words, these safaris are designed for the traveller that craves more insight - a safari experience with a difference.

National Geographic Expeditions

1. National Geographic Expeditions

National Geographic Expeditions offer an exclusive safari experience that combines wildlife viewing and luxury accommodation with the chance to meet and learn from National Geographic’s network of local experts about wildlife conservation and cultural issues.


2. Natural Habitat Adventures

In partnership with the World Wildlife FundNatural Habitat Adventures have been operating small group tours with once in a lifetime wildlife encounters and educational experiences since 1985. Tours are focused on sustainable tourism and encourage travellers to adventure and discover more about the natural world.


And that's a wrap on the Best Tanzania Safari Companies! Now that you know who to trust and who you can afford, you can begin planning an epic Tanzanian safari. 

Alison Macallister

With a degree in Nature Conservation and experience working with wildlife including the Big 5, Alison works as a guide for a 5-star reserve. She enjoys sharing her passion for all things nature-related. She enjoys hiking, horseriding, 4x4 driving and kayaking.

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  1. We are planning a Safari in Tanzania between 28th of June and 13th of July. We can join existing groups, 2 adults. Quotations please. Thanks. Arul

  2. Hello!
    Me and my husband we are thinking about doing a safari in Tanzania.
    We have two weeks' holidays starting from September 2023, we are thinking of booking with this small company in Tanzania(Active Wonders Safaris). Do you have an idea of these company?

    1. Hi Charlotte, I’m unfortunately not familiar with this company but if they have good online reviews, then you should be in good hands.

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