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Actress Mandy Moore Ticks One Off Her Bucket List Atop Of Kilimanjaro


Describing it as “one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life”, singer, songwriter and actress Mandy Moore has just fulfilled a dream that she has had since she was 18yrs old – that is to climb Kilimanjaro.

Whilst on a break from filming, the This is Us star in partnership with outdoor outfitter Eddie Bauer, accompanied by her fiancé Taylor Goldsmith and a group of friends, successfully summited Kilimanjaro on a 7 day trek that is typical of the climb.

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Mandy recounts her journey, which began on the 23rd March in a series of photos and videos on Instagram @mandymooremm which show just how much fun her and her friends had on their expedition.

She speaks of how climbing Kilimanjaro was a deeply bonding experience for the group, and how the simplicity of the daily ritual forced them all to focus on one thing, putting one foot in front of the other in order to accomplish their goal of summiting.

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The trek was not without its’ challenges though and Mandy describes the tough conditions that they had to overcome on the night of their summit to Uhuru Peak, 5,895m above sea level.

“On the night of our ascent to the summit, we woke up at 11pm (after a few hours of napping) to enjoy a couple of nervous minutes together with a cup of coffee before it was time to gear up in my our warmest layers and start the nearly 8 hour trek to highest point in Africa – 19,341 ft. In total darkness, we took it pole pole (slow slow) and trudged through rain, sleet and snow, where seemingly everything on our person managed to freeze (water bottles, backpacks, our eyelashes, hair, fingers, toes, etc…) Oddly, I’ve never felt more determined to tackle such a physical challenge before and yet the combined elements of exhaustion and extremely cold weather made it much trickier than any of us were prepared for.”

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“All of that aside, ultimately reaching the threshold of the true summit was more emotional and overwhelming than I had thought possible. Kilimanjaro demands a lot from those who traverse her trails. You have no choice but to show up. And we did. There’s nothing more empowering than realizing that we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.”

Despite describing herself to Vogue as “not particularly outdoorsy” and never having camped or slept in a tent before, Mandy seemed to have a great time of it and in a comment on her Instagram photo, told Alpenglow Expeditions who led her trek that she “can’t wait to find our next adventure”. Well done from us Mandy!


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