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Manta Resort Pemba Island Zanzibar

Mark Whitman

Hidden in the shadow of Zanzibar is Pemba Island, a piece of paradise that truly lies off the beaten track. The remote island has only a handful of accommodation options (see all Pemba hotel options) – something that makes Manta Resort all the more intriguing. 

Renowned for its Underwater Room, the resort gives you the chance to sleep in a glass-walled room in the middle of the ocean. The experience of entering the turquoise bubble and watching the surrounding marine life float by is truly captivating.


Manta Resort

Location and Views

If you’re looking for an authentic island experience, Pemba Island not only offers some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling but also offers a lush, green wonderland begging to be explored. The Manta Resort is a seaside escape set against a lush, hilly landscape that’s teeming with life.

Dip below the tropical waters surrounding the resort and you’ll discover a magical world for divers and deep-sea fishermen alike. The remoteness of the resort takes you back in time and reveals a glimpse into how life used to thrive before human interference. 

There is no better view of the magical marine world than from the Underwater Room, but the Seafront Villas are just as enchanting. On your doorstep in a lush landscape that is interspersed with thriving clove plantations. The diversity of the island is truly captivating with everything from thickly vegetated hills and dense mangrove forests, to sandy beaches and secret coves. 

Manta Resort

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  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Pool and poolside bar
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Some of the world’s most highly acclaimed diving and snorkeling
  • Spa facility
  • Airport transportation
  • Concierge service
  • Restaurant
  • Laundry service
  • Butler service
  • Rooms fully equipped with air conditioning, room service, and a private balcony or garden

Food and Drink

Most of the resort’s meals are served on the Elevated Terrace. As you gaze into the surrounding azure waters and endless white sand, you’re able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner here. 

Guests are treated to a wide selection of everything from Tanzanian coffee and fresh fruit platters, to locally caught seafood, chicken, beef and vegan dishes. The restaurant accommodates all dietary preferences and must be contacted to cater for this in advance. 

Kick your shoes off and head to the Beach Bar. As you sip on a cocktail and bury your feet in the sand, you’re treated to unparalleled views of the sunset over the ocean. Highly trained bartenders are there to meet any sundowner request and add a true Pemba flare to your drink with freshly picked fruit from the island.  

Whether you’re looking to socialize or get stuck into a good book, the Lounge has something for everyone. This area is occasionally opened up for communal dining but mostly serves refreshing drinks and snacks. 



Attracting travellers from all over the world is the Manta Resort’s Underwater Room. Floating almost 250 metres from the shore is a turquoise bubble that takes you into the underwater paradise of Pemba Island.

To make the dream of this offshore suite a reality, the resort sought the help of a Swedish company. Genberg Underwater Hotels used their expertise to construct the magnificent room and anchor it securely to the ocean floor. 

The three-level suite was strategically placed next to a coral reef with the main bedroom submerged four metres beneath the water. The magical experience of watching Pemba’s marine life float past your bed is enhanced by spotlights outside your window that can be turned on to attract schools of fish.

As you make your way upstairs, panoramic ocean views surround the relaxing lounge area and bathroom. The top deck, which guests climb up to with a ladder, was specially designed to create relaxing sunbathing and stargazing experiences.

As expected, Underwater Room comes with a hefty price and costs $1840 for a double room per night. 

There are alternative accommodation options at the Manta Resort. The Seafront Villas have an open-plan design with a sense of spaciousness that is enhanced by the ocean. Guests are surrounded by wrap-around coastal views and the lush, hilly landscape. The traditional, Pemba decorated rooms cost up to $650 per person per night. 

For a more budget-friendly option, guests at the resort can stay in the peacefulness of the garden. The Superior Garden room offers a four-poster, king-size bed en-suite bathroom. Outside is your own private garden and Swahili Barraza lounge. This option costs up to $460 per person per night.  

Alternatively, there is the Standard Garden Rooms. Besides the smaller size, the main difference is a balcony instead of a private garden. For this reason, these rooms cost up to $360 per person per night.

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