GoPro Kilimanjaro Style – Capturing An Experience Of A Lifetime In HD 

Ever wondered what it would be like to capture your Kilimanjaro trekking experience using a GoPro Camera?

The first time I climbed Kilimanjaro I remember meeting a young Swiss chap who had what looked like a Smartphone strapped to his chest. I was immediately intrigued, thinking perhaps it was some sort of heart monitor.

It turned out to be a GoPro, a camera I had never heard of at the time.

He explained to me how the contraption worked and proceeded to tell me that he was going to capture every footstep up and down the mountain, which he would then edit and time-lapse into a killer ‘GoPro Kilimanjaro video’ (I kid you not, he used that exact terminology with a broad Swiss ascent).

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I was amazed by his ambition but also slightly jealous – all I had with me to capture my first experience was a simple, point-and-shoot digital camera!

Unfortunately I failed to exchange contact details with him and have never got to see his footage. I have however seen some great GoPro Kilimanjaro videos on Youtube; this one shot on the GoPro Hero3+ from Addicted Media is particularly cool!

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Here’s why I think the GoPro is the best piece of audio-visual technology on the market for capturing outdoor activities, bar none. And why I think it is perfect for Mount Kilimanjaro.

GoPro Kilimanjaro and General Characteristics

In the past the challenge of finding a camera, let alone a video camera, that could cope with the variety of conditions and intense activities that Kilimanjaro throws at one, was tough.

Combine that with the difficulty of actually using a camera when your hands are freezing, it’s snowing, you are walking and it weighs half a kilogram, and you can see that capturing a Kilimanjaro experience wasn’t easy 5 years ago.

With a GoPro the challenge of getting great footage whilst hiking up a mountain is not only easy, but fun. More importantly though, the output will literally make you look like a pro!

Here are the 5 reasons why I think everyone should consider a GoPro as their main camera for Kilimanjaro and indeed for all outdoor activities.

  • Small and light: First off, the GoPro Hero is not just small and light, it’s super small (1.7 cm x 1.5 cm x 2.2 cm – that’s tiny) and super light (73 grams!!). That’s the weight of a bar of butter. When it comes to Kili, small and light is key!
  • Awesome battery life: The second most important thing for me is battery life. The GoPro Hero3+ operates a high capacity Li-ion battery which gives it awesome battery life. With limited charging facilities on Kilimanjaro this is a key benefit
  • HD image quality with low distortion: The image quality with the GoPro Hero3+ is amazing. I’m no photographer but my video and camera footage on the GoPro always looks amazing. The thing that really surprises me is the quality of footage I manage to get despite erratic movements.  The one feature that I absolutely love is the wide-angle panoramic shots that I can take with a GoPro. On Kili, there are so many incredible vistas that the wide angle is basically a pre-requisite if you are going to bring a camera
  • Wearable, mountable and just so versatile: This is probably my favourite feature with the GoPro, it is just so versatile. You can wear it around your chest or head (which is great for trekking) or mount it to extension pole for those long range selfies
  • Really affordable: When compared to other camera’s, the price point for the GoPro Hero3+, arguably the best outdoor camera in the world, seems super affordable. For great prices on Amazon, you can get the GoPro camera, a waterproof housing, 3-way pivot arm and a Wi-Fi remote that can control the camera from up to 180 meters!

I could go on but I think this video says more than I could ever say. If this doesn’t get your heart rate up I don’t know what will!

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Other Kilimanjaro GoPro Videos

and another…

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