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Ngorongoro Crater Lodge Review

Alison Macallister

En route between the iconic Serengeti and Lake Manyara national parks, the incredibly luxurious Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is perched on the edge of the famous Ngorongoro Crater.

My friends and I enjoyed a relaxing stay at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. It had numerous creature comforts along with some amazing cultural tours and activities. 

In this article, I'll share my best insights on Ngorongoro Crater Lodge and all the things you can do at one of the most luxurious accommodation hotspots in Northern Tanzania. 

Ngorongoro Crater Serena Lodge

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge Review

With sweeping views over the iconic 3 million-year-old caldera, Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is an ideal base from which to explore the grassy plains and forested slopes in search of indigenous animals like lions, impressively tusked elephants, leopards, buffalo and the endangered black rhino. Cultural tours of local villages and a trip to the famous Olduvai Gorge Museum are easily arranged from this lodge.

Let's dive into what you can expect during a stay at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. 

Important Lodge Info and General Amenities and Perks

Check-in time: 2 PM

Check out time: 10 AM

Safety: The lodge is not fenced, so you can’t walk around at night without an armed guard.

Child Friendly: Yes, the lodge is child-friendly, but the age limit is 6 years old and up for specialised activities like game drives.

Services: Includes babysitting and laundry.

WiFi: Yes

Pool: No

Fitness Centre: No

Extra Perks: Swarovski binoculars offered for guest use.


Location and Views

Getting to Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Arusha is 275 miles away, so the best way to get to Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is by taking a 1 ½ hour lodge transfer from the Lake Manyara airstrip. 

Nearby attractions

There are several nearby attractions on route to Ngorongoro Crater Lodge:

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Expect to bask in breathtaking views over the slopes and flat grassland plains of the Ngorongoro Crater. Guests can watch wildlife graze around the lodge from their private balconies. 


Prices at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge includes two daily game drives with expert guides. Guests can also take cultural tours to local villagesgo on a full-day Empakai Crater Hike or visit the Lion Conservation Centre.


A 5-Star Luxury Experience 

On the outside, the stilted mud and thatch buildings of Ngorongoro Crater Lodge give the impression of traditional Masai dwellings. The interior is an unlikely combination of banana leaf roofs, Teakwood, African décor and Victorian furnishing that create a drama of colour and textures that rivals the surrounding landscape. 

The lodge has 30 private suites separated into 3 camps with their own communal areas and restaurants serving top-quality local and international cuisine. Staff go out of their way to surprise and delight making this one of Tanzania’s ultimate luxury destinations.

You can expect to pay about $1,115 per person per day at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, so you should start saving up now for this luxury experience. 

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Below is a helpful table to give you an idea of just how luxurious an experience you can have at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge:

Overall Rating








Staff Friendliness





At Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, there 30 free-standing suites divided over 3 camps (North, South and Tree). Each suite comes with a personal butler to stoke the fire and generally make your stay extra special.

Accommodation is divided into two types of suites:

  • Standard
  • Family

Room Interior

Rooms are furnished with teak beads, leather armchairs, beaded chandeliers and Persian rugs. Each unit has its own spacious en-suite bathroom with a shower and free-standing tub.


Standard Suites

Each double room is of similar size and design with floor to ceiling windows, banana leaf ceilings and their own balcony with views over the crater.

North Camp: 12 suites

South Camp: 12 suites

Tree Camp: 6  suites 

Note: Tree Camp sits lower down and some suites' views are obstructed by foliage.

Family Suites

Two of the standard rooms can be interlinked with a closed walkway to create a larger suite most ideal for you and your family.


Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

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Amenities at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge 


Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is split into 3 camps: North Camp, South Camp and Tree Camp. Each camp has its own communal dining area and lounge for further exclusivity. Tree Camp is slightly smaller and built around a strangler-fig tree.

Gift shop

The shop sells African souvenirs, clothing and toiletries guests can also visit the attached workshop and see ladies doing beadwork or commission tanzanite jewellery pieces.

Beauty and Wellness

A therapist is available for in-room treatments, leaving you feeling pampered and refreshed afterwards. 


Dining Experience at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

All meals are included as well as house wines, cocktails and cool drinks. The chefs cater for specific dietary needs.

Dining Rooms

North, South and Tree Camp each have their own dining area with high ceilings decorated with chandeliers and Persian carpets. 

Outdoor Dining

There is an option to eat on the open-air balcony with views of the crater. Romantic candlelight dinners can be arranged here or on private balconies.

Wine Store

A small cellar with a wine collection is available where guests can do wine tastings, private dinners or drinks. 

Cocktail Bar

There are small, cosy bars at each camp available for pre-dinner drinks.

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge


A buffet of fresh fruit, bread, pastries, cereals, yoghurts and cheese is served for breakfast every day. There is also a hot breakfast menu including eggs, smoked salmon, a traditional English breakfast, and a treat of the day.


Lunch is usually held picnic styled with sandwiches or wraps and fruit for guests who are out game viewing. There is also an option to sit and eat from a select menu at one of the camp’s dining areas.


A 3-5 course meal with a choice of local and European dishes is served for each dinner course. There is no set dinner time and the dress code is casual. 

Room Service

Room service is available 24 hours day. 


Thanks for going on my virtual tour of Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in just a few short minutes. I hope this article has inspired you to start planning a very special trip to Ngorongoro Crater where you can bask in luxury and culture at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. 

Alison Macallister

With a degree in Nature Conservation and experience working with wildlife including the Big 5, Alison works as a guide for a 5-star reserve. She enjoys sharing her passion for all things nature-related. She enjoys hiking, horseriding, 4x4 driving and kayaking.

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