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Voltaic Solar Charger: An Efficient Way To Save Battery Power On Kilimanjaro

Mark Whitman

Using electronic devices on mountains for extended periods of time has always posed problems as battery life is often limited due to unpredictable weather conditions.

Fortunately, brilliant companies like Voltaic Systems have over the past decade or so developed solar charger solutions that are affordable, practical and actually look pretty slick!

Below is an overview of their new product, the Arc 10W Voltaic Solar Charger and how customers can use this phenomenal product during a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Voltaic Systems

Voltaic Systems is an American company founded in 2005 with a mission to develop energy solutions using environmentally intelligent design. Over the years, they have launched many awesome products, but they are best known for their Voltaic Solar Chargers.

Their product range includes Voltaic Solar Charger Backpacks, Voltaic Switch Solar Bags, USB Battery Packs and a funky gadget called the USB Touchlight.

Arc 10W Voltaic Solar Charger

Their most recent addition, and the product that I think is perfect for Kilimanjaro, is the Arc 10W Solar Charger which comes with a universal attachment system that connects securely in seconds to backpacks and bike racks.

For the same weight as its 6 Watt predecessor, it also features 10 Watts of rugged solar power, a 15 Watt-hour universal battery, and convenient storage for a tablet, smartphone and charging cables.

Designed for modern adventurers, the Arc 10W provides up to 80 minutes of runtime on an iPad Mini, or other 7” tablets, for every hour in the sun. It also charges smartphones, GoPro cameras and other USB devices.

Feel free to read our guide on charging your cameras efficiently while trekking up Kilimanjaro. 


A brief product overview of the Voltaic Solar Charger

10 Watts of Power for Fast Charging

Integrated into the front of the Arc 10W is a rugged, waterproof 10 Watt solar panel. Charge times vary by device, but these high-efficiency monocrystalline cells will recharge a typical smartphone in under four hours. The panel is built to withstand the abuse of everyday use. The cells are encased in a clear, UV and scratch-resistant coating, and backed by a rigid aluminium composite material.

High Output USB Battery

The included V15 USB battery stores power so the Arc 10W can charge devices anytime. The battery has 15 Watt-hours of capacity, enough to charge an iPhone 1.7 times and an iPad Mini to 2/3 full.  

Battery Tip: For more battery storage, the 39 Watt-hour V39 battery is available as an optional upgrade for $39.

Both batteries can be charged from the solar panel or any USB port.

Universal Attachment System

The Arc 10W Voltaic solar charger is designed to attach onto technical backpacks, panniers, MOLLE systems and almost anything else via its flexible buckle and strap attachment system.

Room to Store and Manage Electronics

The Arc 10W Voltaic solar charger has wire channels to deliver power throughout the bag. The case has mesh pockets to store cables and phones and a sleeve to fit up to a 10” tablet.

Pricing and Availability

The Arc 10W costs anywhere between $39 and $75 for the Voltaic solar charger or the Voltaic solar charger full kit. You can purchase the Voltaic Solar Charger directly from Voltaic Systems' website. 

Key features and specifications of the Arc 10W Voltaic Solar Charger

  • 10 Watts of solar power (panel available in silver or charcoal)
  • 15 Watt hour battery with 5V, 1A USB output
  • Optional upgrade to 39 Watt hour battery with dual USB output
  • Charging cables with micro and mini USB adapters to connect directly to most
  • handheld electronics (iPhone and iPad owners use their USB cables)
  • 11″ high x 8.75″ wide x 0.75″ deep
  • 1.3 lbs. including battery and solar panels
  • Universal attachment straps
  • Waterproof fabric manufactured from recycled PET

You can find a full Kilimanjaro kit packing list here.

voltaic solar chargers

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